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Welcome to LG's Tasty Kreations, our aim is to share our love of vegan, vegetarian home cooking, and satisfy both the hunger and taste buds of those who seek a healthier lifestyle. I am Lennox Ann and my business partner is Grace Ann, we have been practicing vegetarians (leaning more towards veganism) for over a decade and we wanted to extend our wealth of knowledge and experience with others.


Our “aha” moment was realizing how we could merge both of our talents and skills to make this type of business work. Our goal is to serve those who are already practicing a healthy diet but far beyond is to reach those who want to but think its unachievable. We cater to all age groups and various events. We also offer cocktail patties, bread and butter which are all homemade, as well as 100% vegan, vegetarian meals. Since the inception of our business we’ve catered to businesses, church functions, the elderly and children, it goes without saying, we’re looking forward to catering to you and your event.